KwikKraft alloy boats are built by Icon Brands International in their Rangiora factory along with the Ramco range of boats and a number of large alloy boats for Robson design. KwikKraft are also very committed to manufacturing in Canterbury as domestic and export sales continue to grow year on year.

KwikKraft's main point of difference is that they are custom building high quality alloy boats at the top end of the market They will not compromise these high standards of design and construction as this is what they have built there reputation on. They fully adhere to their company principal of quality and performance with out compromise, they provide and hull and structural warranty based on this.

All the manufacturing and fit out work is completed in their factory along with fabrication of the alloy trailers despite the higher freight costs ,exchange rate disadvantages and the general global recession the export side of the business remains very strong and continues to grow.

Jet propelled tour boats have been exported to Africa , Thailand, Australia , Hong Kong , Finland , United Arab Emirates , Lebanon , Dominican Republic and many more places around the world.

KwikKraft recreational and offshore boats have been exported to Australia , The Pacific Islands , Canada , The USA And many more places around the world.


Gary Tomes

Gary has over 30 years experience with all types of boats. As six times world jet sprint champion Gary has been an innovator in the development of alloy boat hulls in New Zealand . His company Icon Brands International builds the KwikKraft Range , Ramco Boats and a number of large alloy custom boats. Gary is uncompromising in his quest for excellence in design and construction and personally oversees the building of every boat in the factory.

Kevin Jenkins

Kevin has over 40 years experience with all types of boats including off-shore ocean sailing. He has used practical experience gained in adventure Jet boating and river racing to put together and driver training programme and undertakes the commissioning of boats off-shore.

Kevin has raced and sprinted his own jetboats and as a navigator has been placed in world river racing jet boat marathons. He holds a Maritime NZ commercial jet boat drivers license and operates a charter business "jet extreme" using a KK5800 12 seat jet boat.